Social Responsibility

Amigos do Bem


BOOKPartners supports the Project Amigos do Bem – a non-profit, non-governmental, institution fighting hunger and poverty in Brazil’s Northeast Hinterlands, by means of educational actions and self-sustainable projects contributing to the social development of the population in need.

Aiming at helping Amigos do Bem and embracing this so intrinsic and imperative cause in Brazil, BOOKPartners, through its publishing label, B4 Editores, will launch a book about the project in November 2013, called Hinterlands on the Path of Transformation.

The entire sales profit will be reverted to the project.

Besides the Group also makes periodic donations of books to libraries in the towns covered by the Project.

Menor Aprendiz

Aprendiz Legal

The company takes part in the Program Menor Aprendiz, fulfilling its role to hire a 14-18 year-old trainee according the Learning Law 10.097/00; it shares experiences and takes part in the transformation project for this young trainee, providing work opportunities and helping to build a better personal and professional life.