Corporate Structure

The Group’s business lines:

vértice bookas

Built at the end of 2004 by Carlos Henrique de Carvalho Filho, initially aiming at distributing Revista dos Tribunais’s books and books of other legal publishing companies. From January 2007, noticing a market demand for expanding the book’s distribution to other areas besides the legal area, it starts operating with books from different literary, professional and technical areas from the best publishing companies in Brazil and abroad.

Empório do Livro

In the market for 14 years Empório do Livro, founded by Marta Elaine Blanco, is focused on the main bookstore chains and, among its suppliers, are the major publishing companies in the country. In 2010 it was chosen the “Featured distributor in the market” by ANL (National Association of Bookstores – a class association jointing member bookstores, aiming at encouraging the book market by supporting the culture and reading in the country).
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Created more than 12 years ago Cia. dos Livros is today the third sales portal in the country, accumulating more than 1 million clients served in e-commerce, with an “e-bit Gold” evaluation in the last 2 years. There are more than 700 thousand clients registered. The catalog joins more than 600 thousand products and more than 15 thousand titles sold each month.
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The B4 Editores label was born from a publishing calling of the brands Empório do Livro and Cia. dos Livros, directing its operations to a structure with titles that contribute to form readers, improving the cultural repertoire in the areas of human sciences, young readers and technical contents.
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Physical bookstores

As part of its focus on offering the market functional products and systems, in 2012, BOOKPartners acquired two bookstores installed in PUC-SP (Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo), that function as true labs to train its service and field teams as well as test fields for the products and services offered to the large number of small bookstores served.

The expansion of physical bookstores aims at opening 20 stores of their own and 80 franchised store until 2018. Their own stores will carry out, among their roles, training of personnel and consolidation of service models. They will be located in malls and universities, with a target audience segmented in B and C classes, levels reached by more than 60 million inhabitants in the last 20 years. The franchised stores will be primarily focused on booksellers, with a deep knowledge of the market, the product and the client, but that can no longer handle the technological, administrative and marketing challenges.